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Step One: Recite Om Three Times

Step Two: Recite The 108 Attributes

Step Three: Announcement & Spiritual Talk Or Study Circle

Step Four: Sing The Name Of The Deity Of God, Ganesha

Step Five: Sing The Glory Of Guru

Step Six: Sing The Glory Of Divine Mother

Step Seven: Chant The Many Personified Names Of God

Step Eight: Universal Or Unity Prayer

Step Nine: Recite Gayatari Mantra Nine Times

Step Ten: Chanting Shanthi Three Times

Step Eleven: Do Meditation

Step Twelve: Chanting The Universal Vedic Prayer(Asato Maa)

Step Thirteen: Aarti

Step Fourteen: Chant The Universal Vedic Prayer (Loka Samasta)

Step Fifteen: Jaikaar

Step Sixteen: Sing Vibhuti Song

Step Seventeen: Disperse Home Quietly


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