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Step Seventeen: Clean Hall & Disperse Home Quietly.

There should not be any Prasad giving after the Bhajan. This (Prasad) should be replace by Vibhooti.

Why Replace Prasad With Vibhooti?

Vibhooti cannot fade as flowers do in a day or two; it does not dry and disappear; it will not lose its color as leaves do in a few hours; it does not rot as fruit after a few days. In the first place, it is symbolic of the life-death cycle in which everything ultimately reduces itself to ash. For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou returneth. Ash or dust is the final condition of things. It cannot undergo any further changes.

In the spiritual context, it constitutes a warning to the receiver to give up desire, to burn all passions, attachments and temptations, and make one pure thought, word and deed. It is in order to press home this lesson that I materialize Vibhooti for those who come to Me with love and devotion. It also acts as talisman (Divine Protection), healing the sick and giving protection to those who need it.

There should not be any distribution of Prasad at the public Bhajan centres recognised by Seva Samiti except the distribution of Vibhooti. This is because People should return from Bhajan carrying the elevated, uplifted and sublime mood created by the atmosphere are Bhajan. Therefore, After Bhajan people should disperse quietly, maintaining silence. Then the joy and peace derived at the Bhajan will linger and abide in the heart.

- By Baba

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