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Step Eleven: Do Meditation On Light For Five To Ten Minutes.

Why Meditation?

Through meditation the weakness of the body (after singing) can be overcome, the restless nature of the mind can be controlled, and the progress towards the Seat of Grace made easy; one can then attain the experience of Primordial Power.

What Kind Of Meditation Is Most Effective For This Step?

Have a lamp, with an open flame, steady and straight, or a candle before you. Sit in the lotus posture or any other comfortable posture, in front of the candle light. Look on the flame, steadily, for some time and closing your eyes, try to feel the flame inside you, between your eyebrows; let it slide down into the lotus of your heart, illumining the path. When it enters the heart, imagine that the petals of the lotus open out, one by one, bathing every thought, feeling and emotion in the light and so removing darkness from them. There is no space for darkness to hide. The light of the flame becomes wider and brighter. Let it pervade your limbs; now, those limbs can never deal in dark suspicious wicked activities, they have become instruments of light and love. Let the light reach up on the tongue; falsehood vanishes from it. Let it rise to the eyes and destroy all the dark desires that infest them leading perverse sights and puerile conversation. Let your head be surcharged with Light and all wicked thoughts flee therefore. Imagine that the Light is in you more and more intensely; let it shine all around you, and let the light spread from you, in ever widening circles, taking in your loved ones, your kith and kin. Then move the light outward and into your friends, relatives and enemies, rivals, strangers, all men and women, wherever they are and then into animals, birds and other objects so that all are illumined by the same light. Christ said, All are one, be alike to everyone. In this way you will no longer be limited to this body, but you will expand throughout the universe. The world which is now so big, will become very, very small. To expand beyond self and see that your light is the light of the universe is liberation. Liberation is not different from this.

Meditation should be done in a silent surrounding.

Sign Of Success Of This Meditation?

You sit in meditation for ten minutes after the Bhajan; so far, so good. But let me ask, when you rise after the ten minutes and move about, do you see everyone in a clearer light as endowed with Divinity? If not, meditation is a waste of time. Do you love more, do you talk less, do you serve others more earnestly? These are the signs of success in meditation. Your progress must be authenticated by your character and behavior. Meditation must transmute your attitude towards being and things, else it is a hoax.

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