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Step Four: Sing The Name Of The Deity Of God, Ganesha. After chanting OM three times:

Reason for singing the Ganesha Bhajan First:

Ganesha is the deity for the removal of obstacles. Whenever people want to commence any undertaking ro start learning music or the fine arts or any branch knowledge, they first offer worship to Ganesha. He is the one who gives us spiritual potency and endows us with Supreme intelligence. In our Bhajans, the first prayer (Bhajan) is addressed to Vinayaka (Ganesha). He is one who instills purity in body and fearlessness in mind. He is one of the guardian Deities of God. The Deities are the different aspects of God who is only one, pertaining to the different functions. They are just like cabinet ministers. They examine the merits of each case and make their recommendations to God. Ganesha is one who drives away all sorrows, difficulties and miseries. He is the enemy of all obstacles. He will not allow any obstacles to come in the way. He is the destroyer of obstacles. He confers happiness and peace on His devotees.

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