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Step Six: Sing The Glory Of Divine Mother

Reason for singing the glory of Divine Mother:

Shakti or Divine Energy in man is personified as Divine Mother. In fact, the Divine Energy is personified into three Deities: Durga, Saraswati, and Lakshmi. Today we have to acquire the favors of these Deities. With their friendship, we can face any trouble just as, we have friendship of a person in power, we can overcome troubles in life. These deities will help to alleviate the consequences of our actions if they are properly propitiated. For this purpose, chanting of the Divine (Deities) name is essential. Chanting the Name of Divine Mother at this step is to seek her protection against evil qualities of envy, competition, pride, etc. and to maintain essential qualities of love, emotions, yearning, sincerity and faith during the rest of the Bhajan program.

When people worship Durga, Saraswati, and Lakshmi externally in pictures and icons, they are giving physical forms to the subtle potencies that are within them.

All these Deities play different roles in our body as Divine Energy. Duraga is the energy for material desires; Saraswati is the energy for wisdom; and Lakshmi is the energy for pure actions. Man are prones to exhibit rajasic qualities like anger and hatred. They are menacing manifestations of Durga. The extolling of the Divine in song and poetry and the pleasing vibrations produced by them indicate the Power or energy of Saraswati. The pure qualities that arise in man such as compassion, love, forbearance and sympathy are derived from Lakshmi.

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