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Step Eight: The Last Bhajan Should Be Followed By Universal Or Unity Prayer:

Om Tat Sat Sri Naaraayana tu

Purushhotama Guru Tu

Siddha Buddha Tu

Skandha Vinaayaka

Savitaa Paavaka Tu (2)

Brahma Mazda Tu

Yahwah Shakti Tu

Ishu Pitaa Prabhu Tu

Rudra Vishnu Tu

Raama Krishna Tu

Rahim Tai Tu (2)

Vaasudeva Gao Vishwaroopa Tu

Chidaananda Hari Tu

Advaitya Tu Akaala Nirbhaya

Aatmalinga Shiva Tu - Sai (3)


Dear Lord,

You are the Pure existence

You are the personified Supreme Lord

You are Preceptor

You are the perfect Being of the Jains

You are Buddha the Enlightened One

You are the Destroyer of evil tendencies

You are Lord Ganesha, Lord of Gayatri Mantra

You are the Creator, Lord Brahma

You are Ahura Mazda, the God of Zoroastrians

You are Jehovah, the God of Hebrews

You are the Divine Power of Energy

You are Jesus Christ

You are the Divine Father

You are Lord Shiva

You are Lord Vishnu

You are Lord Rama

You are Lord Krishna

You are Allah

You are the principle immanent in the entire creation

You are Mother Earth or Sacred Cow

Dear Sai,

You are the Universal Form

You are Eternal consciousness and bliss

You are the One who destroys illusions

You are the One without a second

You are the Timeless

You are the Fearless

You are the symbol of the Formless, the Lingam

You are Lord Shiva.

Purpose of Singing This Prayer At This Step

Actually, devotion singing is concluded by devotees singing altogether all Name of one God showing the unity in diversity of faiths, one religion under the ideals of the Lord, Sathya Sai Baba.

There is only one Religion; the religion of Love,

There is only one Caste; the cast of Humanity,

There is only one Language; the language of the Heart,

There is only one God; and He is Omnipresent.

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