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Step Thirteen: Stand Up To Show Reverence To God And Do Aarti At The Close Of Bhajan Session:

Om Jai Jagdeesha Hare

Swamy, Sathya Sai Hare

BhaktaJana Samrakshaka (2)

Parti Maheshwara

Om Jai Jagdeesha Hare

Shashiwadanaa Sreekara

Sarwa Praana Pate

Aashrita Kalapalateeka (2)

Aapad Baandhawaa

Om Jai Jagdeesha Hare

Maata Pitaa Guru Daivamu

Mariyantayu Neeve

Naad Brahma Jagan Natha (2)

Naagendra Sayana

Om Jai Jagdeesha Hare

Omkaara Roopa, Ojaswi

Sai Mahaadeva

Sathya Sai Mahaadeva

Mangala Aarati Andukl (2)


Om Jai Jagdeesha Hare

Narayana Narayana Om

Sathya Narayana

Narayana Narayana Om

Narayana Narayana Om

Sathya Narayana

Narayana Narayana Om

Narayana Narayana Om

Sathya Narayana

Narayana Narayana Om

Narayana Narayana Om

Om Jai Sad Guru Deva

(Repeat 3 times in slow, medium and fast speeds)

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi.

Meaning of this Aarati:

Victory to the Lord of the Universe, Swamy Sathya Sai, the Guardian and Protector of His devotees, the Lord who has manifested Himself in Parthi.

You have the lovely, tranquil and graceful face of the moon. You are the doer of all auspicious, happiness yielding acts. You are the wish-fulfilling Divine-creeper (Kalapaltika) to all who have surrendered to you. You are the kinsman, friend, protector in times of calamity or distress.

You are the mother, father, teacher, God and everything else to us. You are the primeval sound that pervaded the universe when there was nothing else. You are the Lord of the world reclining on the coiled serpent, the kundalini shakti, (the psychic energy) that has only to be awakened to release the Divine in man.

You are the essence of Om, you are strength, virour, splendour and light. You are Sathya Sai Mahadeva, the bearer of Mandhara mountain. Please accept this Aarati.

You are the true Narayana (Lord Vishnu), the true Guru whose feet we must seek and hold for our salvation. Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

Significance Of Waving Flame Of Camphor In A Vessel When Singing Aarti:

It means, O! Lord! Make the allotted span of my life as pure as fragrant and as transparent as camphor. Let it consume itself in the fire, scattering light and warmth of love to all around me and at the end of it all, let there be nothing left of me (as the camphor leaves no ash or residue) too render me liable to another sojourn amidst pleasure and pain.

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