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Sayings Of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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May Name is Sathya Sai; It Means He Who Reclines On Truth.

Love Is My Form,

Truth Is Breath,

Bliss Is My Food;

My Life Is My Message;

Expansion Is My Life.

No Reason For Love;

No Season For Love;

No Birth, No Death.

A mere five - minute inquiry will convince you that you are not the body, or the senses, the mind or the intelligence, name or the form, but that you are the Atma Itself, the same Atma that appears as all this variety.

Once you get a glimpse of this truth, hold on to it; do not allow it to slip. Make it your permanent possession.


Do not calculate the length of time you have spent in the company of the Lord's Name, and exult. Calculate rather the length of time you have wasted, away from that contact, and repent. Have that Name ever in your thoughts and you can brave any calamity.

A strong will is the best tonic; the will becomes strong when you know that you are a child of immortality or a person who has earned the Grace of the Lord.

Spirit can only be awakened and realised through individual discipline and the Grace of God. These two can be won through Love, Purity and Service to others.

Past is past, it can't be recalled, Future, you are not sure of... The given moment is now (Present). This Present is Omnipresent.


You might have heard people talk of the 'miracles' ; of May 'making' this, and 'giving' that, of my fulfilling your wants, of My curing your illnesses. Of course I confer on you these boons of health and prosperity, but only so that you might, with greater enthusiasm and with less interruption, proceed with spiritual sadhna.

The Eternal has no birth and death, no beginning, no middle nor end; it does not die, it is not born, it can never be destroyed; it is witness, the Self, the Atma.

Wholesome happiness arises only from the fullness of love; Truth, Peace, Charity, Fortitude... these can fructify only in that atmosphere of love ... sathya Sai. Men yearn for good times, high status, power, good life; But seldom do they yearn for good thoughts, wisdom, and virtue. What better advice can Sai give.

Death is sense-less projection of matter.

From ashes emerges vegetation; And oasis emerges in sand dunes, Pedestal of life stands on decaying forms Whose roots are embedded in insensate life.


The Lesser the number of your Wants, The Greater is your Freedom and the Richer you are; The Greater the Number of your Wants, The Lesser is your Freedom and the Power you are.

All Life is one, My Dears, be Alike to Everyone.

Difficulties are created to increase the yearning and to sift the sincere devotee from the rest.

Learn to speak little and to speak softly. That will reduce the chances of getting angry. Seek the good in others and the evil in yourself.

Your heart should be filled with compassion towards all living beings. You should fill the suffering hearts with prema (love). You should radiate thoughts that can generate aananda (blissful peace).


Give up the company of the worldly minded, the association with those infected by aasuric (evil) qualities.

Keep away from every type of wrong doing. Seek always the company of the wise, the good. Take refuge in Narayana (God); He the Pure One, is the Embodiment of peace, of happiness and knowledge.

Prayer must emanate from the heart, where God resides, and not from the head where doctrines and doubts clash.

Prayer has great efficacy. The Vedic seers prayed for the peace and happiness of all mankind, of all animate and inanimate things. Cultivate that Universal vision.

We do not get what we desire,

We get what we deserve.

God is the seed, the universe is the tree.


The feeling of friendship must activate every nerve, permeate every blood cell, and purify every emotional wave. It has no place for the slightest trace of egoism. You cannot elevate the companionship which seeks to exploit or fleece for personal benefit, into the noble quality of friendship. Perhaps, the only friend who can pass this rigorous test is God.

You Prayed for Something Good, I Overheard it, Be Praying, Don't Stop, Until you get the Boon.

The mind is like a lake. When the water is calm, the rays of the sun are reflected on the surface of water, like those on a mirror. But if the water is disturbed because the wind is blowing, then there is very little reflection. Man must learn to control his mind. Man is Divine, and if only he could remember that, he would see life so very differently; he would cease to be affected by so much of what goes on in the world.

Life with no expectation of return.


I am 'yes'' to those who say 'yes', I am 'no' to those who say 'no'; 'No' and 'Yes' are words you speak.

From Sai is always 'yes', 'yes', 'yes'.

Dedication is different from service; in service, there is the element of ego. "I serve, He is the master, He acquires my service, for Him". "I am necessary for Him".

But, in dedication, the I is wiped out. There is no desire for the fruit; the joy consists in the act being done. To cultivate that attitude of dedication, everyone must think of God, remember the Name of God and deepen faith in God.

After long searches, here and there, in temples and in churches, in earths and in heavens, at last you come back, Completing the circle from where you started, to your own soul, and find that He, for whom you have been seeking all over the world, for whom you have been weeping and praying in churches and temples, on whom you were looking as the mystery of all mysteries, shrouded in the clouds, in the nearest of the near, is your own self, the reality of your life, body and soul.


Love lives by giving and forgiving; self lives by getting and forgetting.

Give each problem the attention it deserves; but do not allow it to overpower you. Anxiety will not solve any difficulties; coolness comes from detachment. Above all, believe in God and the efficacy of prayer; the Lord has said that he who does good, think good and speak good will not come to harm. That is the way to get equanimity, shaanthi.

This Sai has come in order to achieve the supreme task of uniting the entire mankind as one family. through the bond of brotherhood; of affirming and illumining the inner reality of each being in order to reveal the divine which is the basis on which the entire cosmos rests; and of instructing all to recognise the common Divine Heritage that binds man to man, so that man can rid himself of the animal and rise into the divine which is his goal!

To achieve release, man kneels before a million Gods, in frantic pain. If he but blasts the ego within, the goal is reached, he is freed indeed!


Cleanse your mind of the temptations and tenets of ignorance; make it free from duct, so that God may be reflect therein.

It is unnecessary to go round the World in Search of God. God is in search of genuine Devotees.

Believe firmly that the body is the residence of God, that the food you eat is the offering you make to your Deity; that the bath you take is the ceremonial bathing of the Divine Spirit is you; the ground you walk upon is His domain; the joy you derive is His gift; the grief you experience is His lesson that you tread the path more carefully. Remember Him ever, in sun and shade, day and night, awake or sleep.

See no evil - See what is good

Hear no evil - Hear what is good

Talk no evil - Talk what is good

Think no evil - Think what is good

Do no evil - Do what is good

This is the way to God.


Love your religion, so that you may practice it with greater faith. And when each one practices his religion with faith, there can be no hatred in the world, for all religions are build on universal love.

Be attached under all conditions to the source, substance and sum total of all the power, The Lord ... Then you can draw from that source all that you need.

This attachment is called Bhakti.

Peace; It can come only from the foundation of Peace within.

Gain inner peace, inner joy; that can be done only when you act without an eye on the gain. The act must be its own reward; or rather, the act must be according to the prompting of God within, so that its consequences is left to Him. Practice this attitude consistently and you will find greater Peace welling within you and around you.


Real meditation is being absorbed in thought of God all the time. God only, only God. Think God, breathe God, see Good, hear God, live God, Love God.

When worship is rendered with a view to fulfilling desires and realising wishes, the precious prize will be lost. Worship must cleanse the heart, so that the indwelling God may shine in all His Glory; but desires tarnish, instead of cleaning.

Everyone is eager to be happy; everyone thinks that wanting more and working less to earn the things wanted, is the quickest way to be happy. No one tries the other method, wanting less and working more.

Bhakti cannot come into man from outside him; it has to be grown from within by an effort to cleanse the mind, to know the nature and origin of man and the universe, to grasp the relation of man with all the external objects which now fascinate and fail him.


The moment you realize that you are not the body, that very instant all the attachments and delusions will disappear.

If there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in character;

If there is beauty in character, there is harmony in the home;

If there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation;

If there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world.

Freedom is independence from externals. Perfect freedom is not given to any man on earth. Lesser the number of wants, the greater is the freedom. Hence perfect freedom is absolute desirelessness.

Reawakening of man is at hand. Reawakening to the knowledge that man himself is God. The human body is not you, it simply houses the soul or spark of Divinity within, for God dwells in the heart of every man and that dwelling spark of the divine is you - yourself. All else is illusion.


Discriminating before you develop attachment. If you have attachment towards wife and children, land and buildings, bank accounts and balances and when these decline, you will come to grief. Develop attachment towards the Universal, and you too will grow in love and splendor.

There is only one language,

the language of the heart.

"The real and unreal are not two distinct things; one is the absence of the other, that is all... There is only One appearing as two ... The pure mind reflects the Reality clearly - God, that is the basis of Self as well as the objective world. God is immanent in every particle in the universe. The clear vision can experience Him everywhere at all time, and that vision confers immeasurable, inexpressible bliss."

Falsehood looks easy and profitable, but it binds you and pushes you into perdition.


"Whoever you are, you are Mine. I will not give you up. Wherever you are, you are near Me; you cannot go beyond My reach."

You will understand Me only through My work, that is why sometimes in order to reveal who I am, I Myself show you My 'Visiting Card', something that you call a miracle.

Nourish your aged parents; revere them.

Health is wealth look after it.

Expansion is Life.

Contraction is Death.

"See God in everyone you meet. See God in everything you handle. His majesty is immanent in all that is material and nonmaterial. This whole creation is an expression of His majesty. God has his hands in all handiwork, His feet at all heights. His eyes beyond all horizons, His face before every form."


Where there is faith, there is love.

Where there is love, there is peace.

Where there is peace, there is God.

And where there is God, there is bliss.

Whenever I appear to be angry, remember, it is only love in another form. For, I have not even an iota of anger in Me.

Never be afraid of death.

Never forget God,

Never take this World as real.

"If you develop Love, you do not need to develop anything else."


To discover one's reality and to dwell in the Divine peace, one need not give up the world and take to asceticism.

Is there anything sweeter than all things sweet, more auspicious than all auspicious things, holier than all holy objects; verily, it is the name of the Lord or the Lord Himself.

Loving God means surrendering to His will. By such total surrender, man becomes a channel of God's Love.

You must come to me for a Darshan to fill your heart joy and ask forgiveness. The Darshan enables you, to re-charge your mental battery when it becomes weak.

There is no prayer more fruitful than seva.

Duty without love is deplorable;

Duty with love is desirable,

Love without duty is Divine.


"Individual effort and Divine Grace are interdependent. Without effort, there will be no conferment of Grace. Without Grace, there can be no gain from the effort. To win Grace, you need only have faith and virtue... Knock, the doors of Grace will open, Open the door, the sun's rays waiting outside will flow in and fill the room with light."

If you honor your father, The Father of all Beings will guard you.

The lotus, born in slime and mud, rises up through the water and lifts its head high above the water; it refuses to get wet though water is the element which gives it life!

To earn the goodwill of the Master, there is one recipe; obey His order without murmur. Grace is showered on all who obey instructions and follow order.

Before one's birth, one has no relationship with the world and its material objects. After death, they and all kith and kin disappear. This sojourn is just a game played in the interval.


Face the Six Foes - They are Lust, Anger, Attachment, Pride, Hatred and Greed.

An evil eye sees evil in other.

As you remove the husk that covers the rice, so the ignorance that adheres to the mind has to be removed by the frequent application of the abrasive soul inquiry.

"The Lord does not weigh the status or caste of an individual before bestowing His grace. He is all merciful and His grace falls like rain or moonlight on all the people."

God is neither distant not distinct from you.


I am aware why you suffer and how you can escape suffering.

"It is part of human nature that man desires to reach the presence of the Almighty to see Him and be ever with Him, for deep within the human heart is the urge to reach the place from which he has come, to attain the joy he has lost, the glory which he has missed. Man is himself divine and so it is a matter of the deep calling unto the deep, of the part calling for the Whole ..."

The end of knowledge is Love.

The end of education is character.

The human being is a composite of man and beast and God, and in the inevitable struggle among three for ascending, You must ensure that God wins; suppressing the merely human and the lowly beast.

Cut the 'I' feeling clean across and let your ego die on the Cross, to endow on you Eternity.


Ego gets and Forgets,

Love gives and Forgives.

God is the doctor, seek him, rely diseases on him, you will be free from diseases.

"Seen through the eyes of Love, all beings are beautiful, all deeds are dedicated, all thoughts are beneficial, and the world is one vast family."

I My affection and love for you is that of a thousand mothers.

Man's distance from Divinity is the same as his distance from himself.

Mother is Love. Worship the mother as God.


Listen to the primeval Pranava AUM resounding in your heart as well as in the heart of the Universe.

Father is Truth. Worship Father as God.

Removal of Immorality is the only way to Immortality.

Each one from ego takes his birth and clad in ego dies and comes and goes,

gives and receives and earns and spends,

and deals in lies or speaks the truth,

in ego all the while ...

Those who do away with their ego attain salavation.

Remove the roots of egoism from the field of your heart.

That is enough ...


Love is God, God is Love. Where there is Love there God is certainly evident. Love more and more people, love them more and more intensely; transform the love into service, transform the service into worship; that is the highest saadhana.

All the joy you crave for, is in you; but, like a man who has vast riches in the iron chest, but who has no idea where the key is, you suffer. With proper direction, dwelling upon them in the silence of meditation, it is possible to secure the key, open the chest and be rich in Joy.

Life is just a chance to see for yourself your beginning and your end.

"You are My forms al., When I Love you I Love Myself; When, you Love yourselves, you Love Me. I have separated Myself from Myself so that I may Love Myself."


Get the flower, and you have its beauty and fragrance.

In colour see harmony, in light see joy.

In outward form and in the depth of things, behold your Self.

You are the Truth.

Have faith in his Grace, and lead a virtuous life, a life devoted to the service of the weak, a life spent in the thought, about the might and glory of God.

Pray that you may carry out your duty well. God will certainly answer your prayers.

There is in this world no austerity higher than fortitude, no happiness greater than contentment, no punya (good deeds) holier than mercy, no weapon more effective than patience.


Man is born to share and serve, not to grab and grieve.

God is the Doer, You are the instrument.

To light a fire, strike one match to start;

To light your life, take one word to heart.

"The wealth you earn is not true wealth!

True wealth is the grace of God."

"God has a million names ... a million forms. Select any name of His that appeals to you. Choose any form of His. Every day when you awaken to the call of the brightening East, recite the Name, meditate on the Form. Keep the Name and Form as your companion, guide, and guardian throughout the waking hours. When you retire for the night, offer grateful homage to God in that Form, with that Name - for being with you, by you, beside you, before you, behind you, all day long. Know that within the many forms and many names, God is present is all of them. The inner being is, in reality, only One."


When the Name is pronounced by the tongue, and the image is adored by the mind, these should not degenerate into mechanical routine; the meaning of the Name and the content of the Form, must, at the same time, inspire and illumine the Consciousness.

Brahma was in existence well before mind and intelligence came into existence.

Brahma cannot be understood be one's mind or intelligence.

Be in the World But let not the World be in you.

Look upon joy and grief as teachers of hardihood and balance.

Grief is a friendly reminder, a good taskmaster; ever a better teacher than joy.

God gives both protection and punishment; for how can He be the Lord if he does not insist on strict accounting and strict obedience?


It is easy to conquer anger through love, attachment through reasoning, falsehood through truth, bad thoughts through good and greed through charity.

Pain is a gap between two moments of happiness.

Happiness is an interval between two moments of pain.

An educated man must realise that he has more obligations than privileges, more duty than right.

You need offer only two things:

pure love And self - less service.


No one has a right to advise others unless he is already practicing what he preaches.

"From the Form to the Formless, from the Formless to the Form - both processes are possible and progressive. The personal God is an expression, a symbol, a representation of the impersonal God. The impersonal does become personal and assumes form and attributes. This is the very nature of the Divine."

Sorrow and pain are caused desire.

The cure is to used the same desire, and turn it to God, too desire God.

Science is below the mind

Spirituality is beyond the mind.


Friendship is the expression of unshakeable love,

Love that is noble, pure, free from desire or egoism.

God is Truth,

Truth is Goodness,

Goodness is Beauty,

Truth, Goodness, Beauty,

Sathyam, Shivam, Sundaram

is yourself.

be yourself.


"Service is the most difficult of the nine steps to Inner Reality ...

It is basically action arising out of the yearning to win the grace of God ...

It is the most important step to erase the ego ...

Through service alone can man attain mastery of the ... senses, the passions and the predilections, and through that reach Divinity Itself ...

I have come to teach you the proper attitude of service - for Love express as service, and God is Love ...

Service of man leads to the discovery of man as God."

The mind pf a person not engaged in Seva is a Devil's Workshop.

Truth has no fear;

Untruth shivers at every shadow.


Hardship keeps one always alert and in trim.

They reveal hidden resources of skill and intelligence;

they toughen fortitude and deepen the roots of Faith.

Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love ..

These are the four pillars on which the mansion of happiness, here and hereafter, is built.

"The message of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, which Jesus Christ proclaimed two thousand years ago, should become a living faith for the achievement of real peace and the unity of mankind. The oneness of creation, affirmed by the ancient seers and sages, can only be expressed in a transcendental love which embraces all people, regardless of creed, community, or language."


The play is His,

The role is His,

The lines are written by Him,

He directs,

He designs the dress and decoration,

the gesture and the tone,

the entrance and exit.

You have to act well the part and receive His approbation when the curtain falls.

Do not contemplate on death;

it is just an incident in life - contemplate on God,

who is the master of all life;

beware of Him all through life.

"Falsely identifying oneself with the body, man suffers in the coil of attachment towards mother, father, wife, children, relatives, and friends.

He does not realise that he has neither the body nor the senses, but that he is Brahma Itself."


The ego has to sacrifice itself so that man's divine nature can manifest itself. "Mine" is death;

'not mine' is immortality. Renunciation results in peace. The golden key of non - attachment opens the lock which keeps the door to heaven shut.

"Really, if only you have faith in the Name, you need not struggle to secure the chance to detail to Me your desires and wants. I will fulfill them even without your telling Me."

The term Bhagwan means the one who is capable of lighting the divine effulgence, the illumination of wisdom, the eternal inner light of the soul. Can there be anything greater than earning the Love of such an omniscient, omnipotent Lord? There is nothing on earth or beyond it which is equal to Divine Love. To make all endeavors to earn that Love. is the whole purpose and meaning of Human existence.

The secret of liberation lies not in the mystic formula that is whispered in the ear and rotated on the Rosary. It lies in the stepping out into action, the walking forward in practice.


I bring tears of joy into your eyes and I wipe the tears of grief.

Don not come to me with your hands full of trash, for how can I fill them with Grace when they are already full. Come with empty hands, and carry away My Treasure, My Love.

At first, name and form are essential, that is the reason who Avatars come, so that God can be loved, adored, worshipped, listened to and followed, and finally realised as nameless and formless.

See God installed in everyone; every body is a temple, where the Omnipresent God is to be adored and worshipped by your service.

A Pure Thought from a Pure Heart is better than a Mantra.

Give the Guru your mind as you would entrust Gold to the Goldsmith.

The Guru may need to melt, mould or beat your mind, But do not worry, as he will return to you a precious Jewel.

Do not say Swami give me peace, but do not give me pain, as Swami may need to inflict pain before the process of purification is complete.


My hand stretches out for receiving only when a pure heart full of prema is offered. On other occasions it gives, never takes.

Make your life a rose that speaks silently in the Language of fragrance.

I am always guarding you and guiding you, march on; have no fear.

Close your eyes, withdraw your indriyas (Senses) from then sensual objects. search Him in the heart with one - pointed mind, devotion and pure Love. You will surely find Him, He is waiting there with outstretched aims to embrace you. If you cannot find Him there. You cannot find Him anywhere else.

You may say that progress is possible only through My Grace, but though My Heart is soft as butter, it melts only when there is some warmth in your Prayer.


Prayer is the very breath of religion; For it brings man and God together and with every sigh, nearer and nearer.

You ask from Me a thousand things of the world, but rarely do you ask for Me.

I require from each of you no other gift, no more valuable offering than the Heart I have endowed you with. Give me that heart, as pure as when I gave it to you, full of the nectar of Love I filled it with.

The Lord is understood only by His bhakta - The bhakta is understood only by His Lord.

May the pure and the righteous rejoice! The wicked and the false, the cowardly and the cruel may also rejoice, for He in His mercy will lead them back onto the Holy path. If I close the door against the sinful, the fallen and the Renegade, where else can they go?


Wherever your faith meets my Love, There is a cure.

The desire to know God, love God and be loved by God is not desire that binds.

No person can dream of Swami, unless Swami Himself desires it so.

To Eliminate the ego, strengthen the belief that all objects belong to God, and you are holding them on trust. This would prevent pride; is also the Truth.

Our good conduct is our true wealth.

Whatever you speak, He hears;

Whatever you do, He witnesses;

Whatever you think, He weighs.


The heart with compassion is the Temple of God.

Happiness is Awareness.

If you live on the level of the body and the individual, you will be entangled in food, entertainment, and frivolity, in ease, envy and pride. Forget it, ignore it, overcome it - you will have Peace, Joy and Calm.

On the divine path, there is no chance of failure; it is a path on which every milestone is a Monument for Victory. It is the Path of Love.

When troubles come, look beyond the mountains to the Blue Skies. See that you are witnessing My play. See that your life is as temporary as the dancing clouds. Your coming and your going is just part of your performance. Take God alone seriously, and play the parts you are given by Me with Love. I will grieve should you misunderstand your roles. You are the Spirit within you; you are your blessed self. My Kingdom that is within you is your real home.

"Oh, how I Love you. How I care for you. Come! Rejoice with Me. You are ever dear to Me."


Most devotees seek Health, Wealth, Power and Fame from God, which are all trivial assets, yielding momentary pleasures.

Love as thought is "Sathya" (Truth)

Love as action is "Dharma" (Righteousness)

Love as feeling is "Shanti" (Peace)

Love as understanding is "Ahinsa" (Non-violence)

Love is God; live in Love,

Truth is God; live in Truth,

Bliss is God; live in Bliss.

Character is the hallmark of man. A life without good character is a shrine without light, a coin that is counterfeit, a kite with the string broken.


"As science develops and technology advances, humility and Love should also develop to the same extent."

Nothing is to be used as itself, for itself.

Love yourself and Love others. This is true worship.

I call those ready to see me; of course, there are different levels of readiness.

I have come to inscribe a golden chapter in the history of humanity, wherein falsehood will fail, truth will triumph and virtue will reign. Character will confer power then, not knowledge or inventive skill or wealth; wisdom will be enthroned in the counsels of Nations.


Let different faiths exist, let them flourish. Let the Glory of God be sung in all languages in a variety of tunes. Respect the differences between the faiths and recognise them as valid, as long as they do not extinguish the flame of unity.

Life is a bridge, Cross over it but so not build a house on it.

Where the road ends God is attained, and the pilgrim finds he has journeyed from himself to Himself.

When grief overtakes you, you run to God... When joy is restored you throw Him overboard ... Bhakti is not a temporary slave, it is the unbroken contemplation of God without any other interposing thought or feeling.

Wherever my bhakta say My Name, I am present there.

The Ananda (Bliss) that I derived from Bhajan I do not get from anything else.

One without Power does not mean Lake of Physical or Mental Strength.


The wise are those who know the Self.

"Self Confidence is the Foundation,

Self Satisfaction is the Will,

Self Sacrifice is the Roof,

Self Realisation us Life itself..."

"I need only one 'Mandir' - Your Hearts!

Preserve the purity of your hearts, so that SAI may reside therein..."

There is only one Caste,

The Caste of Humanity.

There is only one Religion,

Religion of Love.

There is only one Language,

Language of the Heart.

There is only one God,

He is Omnipresent.


Start the Day with Love,

Fill the Day with Love,

Spend the Day with Love,

End the Day with Love.

Though I am Omnipresent and found everywhere, you can find Me installed wherever My Glory is sung.

I give you what you want so that you may want what I want to give you.

A Sadhake must blossom into a Sadhu.

Namasmarana is an instrument to realise the Lord.

Do not case God in a picture - frame,

Do not confine Him in an idol,

He is all Forms,

He is all Names.


Service to Man is Service to God.

Discipline is the Weapon of growing children.

If animal feelings are washed out, divine feelings begin to overflow instead.

Take one step towards me,

I shall take a hundred towards you,

Shed but one tear,

I shall wipe away a hundred.

All are embodiments of divine.

Have; Constructive Thoughts,

Consoling Words,

Compassionate Acts.


I - Want - Peace

"I" is Ego,

"Want" is Desire;

Remove Ego and Desire and you will be left with Peace.

In this Avatar, the wicked will not be destroyed, they will be corrected.

Living with God is true Education,

Living for God is true Devotion,

Living in God is true Spirituality.

I have come not to disturb or destroy any faith, but to confirm each in his own faith, so that the Christian become a better Christian, The Muslim a better Muslim, and the Hindu a better Hindu.


Be convinced that God can and will appear in any form. Do not refuse to recognise Divinity in the form you dislike and did not expect.

I am Infinite, Immeasurable, Unique, and Incomparable, equal to Myself alone; I am My own Measure, Witness and Authority.

Silence is Brahma.

Love all

Serve all.

Serve without trace of ego.


Heroism lies in Conquest of Senses.

Love is God,

Live in Love.

I have come to sow the seeds of faith in God.

God has to come in human form and move about among them, so that He can be Listened to, Contacted, Loved, Revered, and Obeyed.

Be what you profess to be,

Speak what you intend to do,

Utter what you have experience,

No More,

No Less.

Why fear when I am here.

Have faith that Sai is with you at all time and at all place.


Educated Man must realise that he has more obligations than privileges, more duties than rights.

Real Devotion should always be absolute and unconditional.

Be content.

Nothing can happen against His will.

Man is born to share and serve; not to grab and grieve.


Learn to adapt adjust and accommodate.

Avoid pomp, exhibition, and boasting.

Be simple, sincere and sweet.

God belongs to All.

He is Universal.

Give Love and Receive Love.

- Sayings Of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


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