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A few years back Bhagavan had come to Abbotsbury during his Madras visit. Both Mrs. K.B. Sundarambal and Mr. Pichandi Iyer went to see Bhagavan. But they were sent out by those present there  telling them that they could not see him. After waiting outside for sometime, they came again to see Bhagavan. Those who were there, said "You have come again?" and were trying to send them out. But Bhagavan himself came towards them. On seeing Bhagavan, Mrs. K.B.S said, "Now I have discovered the Lord Murugan for whom I have been searching for so many years through songs" and prostrated before him. Bhagavan asked her to sing and enjoy her songs. Then Swami waved his hands in front of the eyes of Mr. Pichandi Iyer who was nearby. Iyer could not understand anything. Those who were nearby asked Mr. Pichandi to remove the spectacles. Now this octogenarian claims that even his son's eyesight is not as clear as his. Our Bhagavan is the most beloved God who gives Eyes.

The husband of Mrs. Annapoorani enjoyed scolding Sathya Sai Baba. He never missed any such opportunity. One day, ne had scolded Him a little more. That night, he was sleeping. Bhagavan came and standing at his beside massaged him three times from head to toe. He got the divine's rare blessing, by scolding Him, which even sincere devotees don't get. Immediately on waking up, he felt some ('ananda') happiness spreading throughout his body. What could be the extent of compassion this Dheenadayalan should have to accept even abusings. He said that since that day's experience, his mouth got shut by itself from scolding him. He had escaped from two such things. One - divine abuse and the second one - by the touch of his divine hands a serious disease or a danger which would have come to him had been avoided. This Paramesa Honeybee is the one who saves even those who insult him.

A Grand march past of the Samithi members took place at Parthi during the 60th Birthday celebrations. Mrs. Sakunthala was among the participants. As her husband was not well, she was saying that she would leave Parthi immediately after the march past. On seeing her at Parthi on the next morning, I asked her why she did not leave. She said," When I was ready for leaving, they told me that Baba would be giving sarees for all those who took part in the march past. You also please stay back and go after taking the sarees from his hands," they asked her. So she stayed back to take the saree. But now I am leaving immediately. The reason for his sudden change, was that Bhagavan  appeared in her dreams on that night and asked, "why did you not start yet? The saree which you ware wearing now also was given by me". Bhagavan showed her all the gifts like Ghodhanam and Bhoodhanam which took place on the birthday that she could not witness. Look at the special interest Bhagavan takes in every individual's case. Is there anything that we have to take from him when our very existence in healthy condition itself is due to his grace on us, if we can realise him who dwells within us?

A big beautiful temple's watchman is a Sai-devotee. He used to do his duty during the early part of the night up to twelve midnight and go to sleep up to four o'clock in the morning after handing over the duty to the next guard. Afterwards he used to water plants in the garden around the temple. One day he had overslept up to five o'clock. The telephone bell rang. He rushed to it after waking up. A lady's voice informed "Five o'clock" and the receiver was hung up at the other end. Like this, whenever he failed to wake up, this voice had never missed to inform the time. Bhagavan who always reminds us of our duty says, "you think about me only sometimes. But I am always thinking about you".

The Nalini-Sudhakar couple are Sai devotees. Both of them were travelling in a car. Even then, both of them were discussing about Bhagavan. All of a sudden, a hand appeared before their car, in the form of "Abhaya hastham" (Saviour Hand) above the wrist. Next second, they heard only a deafening sound. They did not know what had happened. On regaining their consciousness both of them were lying on the roadside. When they went to see, the car in which they were travelling was smashed to pieces by a collision with a lorry. The omnipresent and omniscient Lord had saved them by raising his Saviour Hand at electric speed. Is there anybody who is not moved on seeing his raising hands towards one during darshan at Parthi?

Mr. Dharmakula Raja of Srilanka did not anything about Baba, as he was born and brought up in London. He came to India and married t a Sai family. On Indu's compulsion, he accompanied her to Parthi. He was sitting in the dharshan queue without either belief or liking. At that time "Akhanda Bhajan" was in progress. Bhagavan came near to him with his one hand in raised position for blessing, and then other hand tapping on the thigh. One raised hand appeared as Two Hands of Dharma Kularaja. Whatever and however he tried, he could not see it as one hand. Hesitating to reveal this, he asked his wife as to how many hands she saw. She saw one hand only.


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