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Divine Discourse delivered at the Auditorium of Sri Sathya Sai
Institute of Higher Learning (Prasanthi Nilayam Campus)

Simply by learning alphabet and letters can one become literate? Can one become educated merely by acquiring degrees? Can one be called educated bereft of the discrimination between spirituality and knowledge? Birds and beast too eke out a living without any such education.

Students and teachers, it is truly your good luck and fortune! If you reflect on the Vice Chancellors and the teachers you have had, you will realise that it is verily your good fortune. The first Vice Chancellor of this university was Sri Vinayak Gokak. The seeds sown by him have sprouted today and have acquired great reputation and esteem. Today, his son is taking charge of this university as its Vice Chancellor. Sri Vinayak Gokak was a great scholar. His son too is a great scholar and a great intellectual.

In future, this Institute will attain great heights and will become the leader for the whole country. There may be some ignorant people who will have doubts as to how such a university in a rural village can become a leader. But note that it is bound to become one! You all think that this is a university that will excel only in academics. This is not merely an educational Institution. In the future the concept of ‘Educare’ will gain great repute and acceptance. ‘Atma Tattwa’ will be shared by this Institute with all the people.

Secular education is merely the gross or the superficial manifestation. The undercurrent is Educare. This will gain emphasis and will come to the forefront very soon! The initiative has already been taken in Delhi. Great scholars have associated themselves in this process. It is not that it depends on the individuals but their capacity also counts.

There must be no place for pride in education. Educated individuals must be humble with discrimination and wisdom. Why should we feel proud at being educated? Never be egoistic. That which helps to render service to society is true education. It has become a human habit and behaviour to define things as good and bad. But remember, both good and bad are created by the Will of only One God. Therefore, knowledge cannot be differentiated as good and bad. Your knowledge is but a fraction of the infinite!

The essence of education is humility. Within each one there is the spirit. The Japanese, the Americans and the Britishers think that their achievements are due to individual qualifications. But all these accomplishments are truly due to the noble youth. What was the accomplishment of Winston Churchill? Being the chief of the Army, he encouraged everybody. This quality made him noble.

Lincoln grew under such poor and trying conditions. His mother consoled him saying that though poverty may be cheap in the eyes of the public, it will bring him great respect in the future. She advised him “Tell the truth. Say, I am poor; I cannot afford to wear rich and good dresses. Do not feel shy.” Finally, he turned out to become the President of the United States of America. It is such great sacred mothers who have brought forth great leaders in the world. In recent times, we are having more such sacred mothers and therefore many sacred Institutions are coming up.

Lincoln would pay his obeisance to his parents before leaving the house every day. You too must respect your parents and make them happy. That is why since ancient times, it has been said, Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru Devo Bhava…. Sathyam Vada, Dharmam Chara….

Your parents are spending so much money for your education. They even fast in order to pay your fees. However, in our University education is totally free. Get a good name like Abraham Lincoln. Emulate his example. That is true education. First respect your parents. Keep up the honour of your family.

Do not do all this merely to win praise. Humility is a must. Those who behave like this alone, can be called students. They will reach great heights. Such students are needed today. We have a good lot of them. Swami is willing that He should give them more and more opportunities to manifest the noble qualities within them. You think that you have secured high ranks. Do not limit yourself to those ranks. Be true to yourself.

Many spend a lot of money and go abroad. There is nothing great in that. Stay here and be prestigious. I will never be happy if you humiliate your own country and acquire a good name abroad. Students, I am so happy to see all of you. You too are deriving so much happiness looking at Bhagawan. I am ready to give up even My life to foster you all. Keep up your good conduct. That is very important.

Sri Vinayak Gokak was a great scholar. His son too rejected great and attractive offers and chose to work in the villages in India. He may look very simple from outside. But you cannot comprehend his honour and dignity. Modern students wear all sorts of coats. However, he wears simple clothes. He has sacred qualities which are so dear to Swami. This University has been gifted with such people right from the beginning.

In this world there are many educated people. But they sell their education for money. Spirituality is not a commodity for sale. Spiritual education is very necessary today. Sri S.V. Giri too was occupying a very high position, that of the Chief Vigilance Commissioner, before coming here. He resigned and came straight to Swami. It is these sacrifices that brought him such good name and repute. Na Karmana Na Prajaya Dhanena Tyage Naike Amrutatva Manasuhu (Not by action, not by progeny, not by wealth; but by sacrifice alone can man attain immortality).

Today Sri Anil Gokak too sacrificed everything and came to Swami. The other day, we had sent some members from the Central Trust to invite him to take up this position. Hearing them, he just forgot himself. He and his wife immediately consented to come over here and accept the responsibility. Such men of sacrifice will surely win great repute.

Students, you too must be prepared to sacrifice. Sacrifice does not mean leaving everything. But you need to stay in the society and earn a good name. Position may bring a good name today and it will disappear tomorrow. But a good name in the spiritual field will remain for eternity.

Students, your Love is most valuable to Me. I am unmindful of any other wealth. See that this Love does not diminish. Humility is the breath of God. It is Vidya (education) that should be shared with everybody. From tomorrow, Sri Anil Gokak will make all efforts to share the richness of his past experience with you all. Sri S.V. Giri will continue to stay here. Just because another Vice Chancellor has come, he will not leave Swami and go. Our former Vice-Chancellors, Prof. Venkataraman and Sri S.V.Giri have decided to settle down here and share their knowledge with all.

Above all, focus your attention on the indweller. The indweller is indeed Divinity itself. There is no doubt that the human body is required to discharge its regular duties. But do not give too much attention to the body as this will lead to body attachment.

Bhagawan concluded His Discourse with the Bhajan, “Prema Mudita Manase Kaho Rama Rama Ram …”

Music attracts God. That is why the Music College was started here. It has to progress a lot in the future and reach great heights. The knowledge of Music should help you to share the feeling of Divinity through music with everyone.


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