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- From Bhagawan's Discourse on the inauguration of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences at Whitefield, Bangalore on 19th January, 2001.

The motherland of ours gave to the world
Noble souls renowned in all the continents.
It is the land, which ousted the
Foreign rulers and achieved freedom.
This Bharat is reputed for its scholarship.
It is the sacred land, which stood forth
As the exemplar in the realms of music, literature and sacred lore;
Born in the land of Bharat, noted for its fine arts and natural beauty,
Oh devotees! It is your bounden duty to foster
The glory and prosperity of the motherland

(Telugu Poem)

Embodiments of Divine Atma!

In life, health is the greatest wealth. Since ancient times, many Yogis, sages and seers and men of excellence have been making deep investigations into the ways and means of keeping good health. They made great efforts in this direction as they were of the view that man could work for the peace and security of the nation only when he was hale and hearty. In modern times, some people repose complete faith in Allopathy while some others feel Ayurveda is also essential along with Allopathy. Allopathy only gives temporary relief; it does not have permanent cure of diseases. But Ayurveda can provide permanent cure of diseases.

Divine Grace Sustains Human Life

The heart is the most important part in the body. If the heart goes on strike, the body becomes lifeless. What is the role of the heart in the human body? It pumps blood to the lungs where it gets purified and then it is supplied to all parts of the body. Each time the heart beats, the blood travels a distance of 12,000 miles in the body. Who has endowed the heart with such a capacity? Is it the scientist, the engineer or the Yogi or any man-made machine which makes it perform such a stupendous task? No. It is only the Divine power that is the basis for all this. Man cannot accomplish even a small task without the help of Divine power. Today man has lost self-confidence and does not have faith in God. So, first of all, man should foster self-confidence without which life becomes meaningless.
Allopathy cannot eradicate disease-causing germs permanently. It can control them only to a certain extent for a certain period of time. There is always the risk of relapse. Though Allopathy has been progressing, the number of diseases too has been increasing correspondingly. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany, who discovered homoeopathy, also made deep investigations into Ayurveda. Welfare of the whole world was his motto. But man today is not concerned with the welfare of the world.

Impart Health and Happiness to the Poor

These days heart diseases are widely prevalent in society. That is why we established a Super Speciality Hospital at Prasanthi Nilayam where 10,600 operations have been performed so far, totally free of cost. Many poor people have benefited from this. Heart surgeries have become very expensive. In such a situation, what would have been the fate of poor people? No one seems to be bothered about this. One has to work for the welfare of the poor, alleviate their suffering and set an ideal to the nation. Service becomes truly meaningful only when it is rendered to the poor and needy. Today neither the doctors nor the politicians, not even the Government for that matter, are concerned about the welfare of the poor. If a hospital is constructed at a cost of ten crores, they expect a profit of 100 crores. Instead of being kind-hearted, they have become business-minded. Hence, the pathetic condition of the poor.

During the last three-four days, many heart surgeries have been conducted here in this hospital. Who are the patients? One is a carpenter, another is a Dhobi (washerman). Many such patients who are economically backward are being treated here. In this short period, as many as 50 heart surgeries have been conducted! One gets immense joy seeing their happy faces. Of what use is medical science if it does not bestow health and happiness on the poor and needy?

Today the educated do not care to spare a thought for the poor and forlorn. This hospital is dedicated for the welfare of the poor. I am happy only when the poor are served. I have dedicated My entire life for the uplift of the poor and downtrodden. In future, even the highly advanced surgeries like heart transplant and lung transplant will take place here. One may be wealthy and virtuous but without good health, one cannot lead a happy life. The late former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Patel helped us a lot in this project. The present Chief Minister, Krishna has also been of great help to us. Many noble people of Karnataka are also associating themselves with this project. So, we are determined to give happiness to the people of Karnataka.

Sai Institutions are Eternal

Disease has no distinction; it may afflict anybody, be it a pauper or a millionaire. We too have no such distinction. Here the treatment will be rendered totally free of cost to the rich and poor alike. Not merely this, even the food will be supplied free. Our aim is to cure the patients of their ailments and send them home happy and healthy. This establishment will serve the poor forever. Some may have a mistaken notion that it will only be a temporary one. All the institutions established by Sai are eternal.

The other day, a washerman from Gulbarga underwent a heart surgery in our hospital. When he saw Me, his joy knew no bounds. He said, "O Swami, You are our God, I have undergone heart surgery in Your hospital." One needs to spend a lot of money to undergo a heart surgery. Even for admission, one needs to spend thousands of rupees. The poor washerman does not have even a fraction of the required amount. In this world, there are many men of affluence, but how many are showing compassion towards the poor? They may say a thousand things, but do they practise even one? Is there any rich person who is doing even one-thousandth part of what Sai is doing? We are spending crores of rupees to provide potable drinking water to the villagers, to render free medical treatment and to give free education. But some people out of jealousy are indulging in false propaganda. The tongue has no bone, so people twist it in the way they want. Let us see, if any of those who indulge in false propaganda are prepared to feed the hungry and alleviate the suffering of the poor. In fact, such people set their dogs on the beggars who come to their doorstep to beg alms. Today all the fields like education, medicine, music, literature, etc., have become business- oriented.

Sacrifice is the Hallmark of a Doctor
Embodiments of Love - Doctors!

Fill your hearts with compassion and serve the poor and needy. Don't be stone-hearted and money-minded. When the hour of reckoning comes, will you be able to carry with you the wealth you have amassed? No. Serve the poor with love. That alone can redeem you. Service to the poor is service to God. Sacrifice your life for the cause of the poor. Service to the poor is My only motto. I have no other desires. I am prepared to sacrifice even My life to serve the poor. (cheers) Do at least one-thousandth part of what Swami is doing. Of what use is human life if it is not spent in the service of the poor ?

"Neither by penance nor by pilgrimage nor by study of scriptures nor by Japa can one cross the ocean of life. One can achieve it only by serving the poor."

(Sanskrit Verse)

It is your good fortune that you have become doctors. Sacrifice is the hallmark of a true doctor. So, doctors should have the spirit of sacrifice. They should be compassionate and considerate towards the poor. There are many poor people who are losing their lives as they cannot afford costly treatment. Your love alone can sustain such lives. The more you develop the spirit of sacrifice in you, the greater will be the world's progress. Hospitals are meant to serve the poor and not to earn money. What is the point in earning crores of rupees when one has to ultimately leave the world empty-handed? So, spend all your earnings for the welfare of the poor. Dedicate your lives to the service of your fellowmen.

Prior to the establishment of this hospital, the land here had not much value. But after the hospital has come up, here the land value also has gone up. Now you find so many buildings coming up around. What is the use if one is merely interested in making profit? One should utilise it for the benefit of the poor. Your happiness will become manifold if you can make at least one poor person happy. Help ever, hurt never. Do not extort money from the poor. Do not put them to suffering by your greed for money. Remember it is not money that you are wresting, but their lives. Lead a life suffused with love, compassion and sacrifice. Thyaga (sacrifice) alone can lead to Yoga (spirituality).

We don't have any distinction of caste, creed, religion and nationality. We offer free treatment to everybody. We are determined to offer free treatment, come what may, even if we have to take loans. We are prepared to spend any amount of money; safeguarding the life of patients is our main objective. All of you, particularly doctors, should learn this lesson. Eschew greed for money; develop love and spirit of sacrifice. Then money will come to you automatically.

Divine Grace is Essential for Cure
Embodiments of Love!

Medicines on their own cannot cure diseases; it is Divine grace that cures. Only sacrifice can win God's grace. Do not be satisfied by merely filling your own belly, try to appease the hunger of others too. Undertake such activities which will benefit the poor. This hospital does not merely stand for architectural beauty. Andam (beauty) has no value if there is no Anandam (bliss). You can experience bliss only when you give happiness to the poor. The poor are suffering as they cannot afford to buy medicines. We will give all the required medicines free. Make every effort to give happiness to all.

Today, as the programme is already delayed, I do not have enough time to give you further details. Develop spiritual outlook and treat the patients with love and care and make them happy and healthy. Without God's grace, even the pulse cannot beat. You are under the mistaken notion that mere medicines can cure the diseases. If that were the case, what happened to all those kings and rich men who had access to best medical facilities? So, along with medicines, one should have Divine grace too. Medicine and Divine grace are like negative and positive respectively. Diseases can be cured only when both these come together. So, along with taking medicines, one should also pray for Divine grace. Without Divine grace, human body cannot be sustained. Human body is most wonderful and mysterious. Who is responsible for the pulse beat? Who is making the heart pump blood? All this happens because of Divine Will. Divine power is responsible for the growth of the body. There is no point in merely feeding the body and sustaining it unless it is used to serve the poor.

This hospital will surely attain exalted position. You may not understand it now, but you will realise it in future. People belonging to different parts of the world will come here for treatment. (loud applause) This hospital has such Divine potentiality in it. Do not entertain any wrong notions about this hospital. Earlier when the Super Speciality Hospital was established at Puttaparthi, people had their own misgivings about its functioning. Now, in the villages surrounding Puttaparthi, you don't find anybody suffering from heart diseases. Even small children are not afraid to undergo heart surgery in our hospital there. Likewise, we should see to it that no one suffers from heart diseases in the State of Karnataka. Villagers who are suffering from heart disease should be brought here for treatment. Anybody can come here for treatment. We have no objection. Everyone has equal right to get treatment here.

Leaders should Support Noble Causes

Our Prime Minister Vajpayee took great pains to come here. Leaders like him are very essential for this world. He is a leader who supports and encourages noble causes like this. Ministers who extend their cooperation for good causes are very much necessary for the nation to progress. They should have noble feelings and love for God to attain Divine grace. There is nothing that one cannot achieve if one has Divine grace. Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu (May the whole world be happy!) That is My desire. I am prepared to do anything for this. I am prepared to sacrifice even My life for the welfare of humanity. Of what use is the life of one who does not aspire for the welfare of humanity? I always wish for the well-being of others. My feelings are always pure and sacred. If your feelings and intentions are noble, you need not be worried about money; it will come to your doorstep.

Embodiments of Love!

We have caused great inconvenience to you by making you wait for a long time. You are all very tired having been sitting here patiently for the last three to four hours. Having taken part in this congregation, may you develop the spirit of sacrifice and spend your time, wealth and energy in the service of the poor! This is what I desire from you. I do not ask anything from anybody. Help the poor in every possible way. Feed the hungry. Food is God. Do not waste food. Do not waste money. Money makes many wrongs. Misuse of money is evil. The rich squander their wealth in drinking and gambling. Money should be put to proper use. One should not spend as one pleases. Do not waste energy and do not waste time. These are the four important principles which a man should adhere to. Time wasted is life wasted. Instead of wasting time in vain gossip, utilise it to serve society. Help everybody to the extent possible. This is what I expect you to do. Come and see for yourself the work that is being done here with the spirit of sacrifice, and experience bliss. Here you will find the poor with joy on their faces. You should see to it that the poor lead a healthy and happy life. That should be your aim in life. Paropakara Punyaya Papaya Parapeedanam (one attains merit by serving others and commits sin by harming them). I bless you all so that you may attain the deservedness to see the happiness of the poor.

(Bhagawan's Discourse was followed by National Anthem.)

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