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Soham Soham

Soham Soham Dhyana Karo

Sadguru Sai Smarana Karo

Soham Brahma Soham Vishnu

Soham Sai Nama Bhajo

Soham Atma Shiva Parmatma

Brahmananda Se Hrudaya Bharo

Sadguru Sai Charana Pado


                              Meditate on the Soham Mantra

                              Think of Sai our great Teacher             

                              We are one with Brahma, one with Vishnu,

                              We are one with Sai, say His Name,

                              We are the Atma, Shiva,and the Lord of all,

                              Let us cherish in our hearts the Infinite Brahman,

                              And fall at the Feet of Sai,our Supreme Guru.

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