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 Shanthi Path

Om Dyau Shanthi Rantariksha Gwam Shanthi,

Prithaivi Shanthi Rapah Shanthi,

Roshadhayah Shanthi,

Vanas Patayah Shanthi,

VishveDevah Shanthi,

Brahma Shanthi,

Sarvagwam Shanthi,

Shanthi Reva Shanthi Sa Ma Shanthi Redhi.

Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi.


"Unto The Hevan Be Peace,

Unto The Sky And The Earth Be Peace.

Peace Be Unto The Water,

Unto The Herbs And Trees Be Peace.

Unto All The Gods Be Peace,

Unto Brahma And Unto All Be Peace.

And May We Realise That Peace.

Om Peace Peace Peace."

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