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Sarva Dharma Mantra

                            Om Tat Sat                         Thou art THAT, Thou art Truth

                            Sri Narayan Tu                   You are the Lord who lives in all

                            Purushottama Guru Tu       You are the supreme Teacher

                            Siddha Buddha Tu               Buddha and Siddha of the Jains

                            Skanda Vinayaka                You destroy evil and clear obstacles

                            Savita Pavak Tu                  You are the energy of the sun that

                            Savita Pavak Tu                  nourishes and purifies

                            Brahma Mazda Tu               You are the Great universal God

                            Yahva Shakti Tu                 You are Jehovah and Divine Power

                            Ishu Pita Prabhu Tu             You are

                            Rudra Vishnu Tu                 You are the Purifier and Sustainer

                            Rama Krishna Tu                You are both Rama and Krishna

                            Rahim Tao Tu                     You are all kindness and

                            Rahim Tao Tu                     You are the Tao of all Knowledge

                            Vasudeva Go                      You are the all-pervading Divinity

                            Vishwarupa Tu                   The universe is Your Body

                            Chidananda Hari Tu            You are Consciousness and Bliss

                            Advitiya Tu                        You are One without a second

                            Akala Nirbhaya                   You are beyond all time and fear

                            AtmaLinga Shiva Tu            You are Shiva, and through 

                            AtmaLinga Shiva Tu           You the Formless takes Forms and

                            Atma Linga Shiva Tu          becomes manifest as Creation.

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