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(Source: God lives in Prashanthi Nilyam compiled by Prof. Prem Luthra)

When someone asks you in great earnestness, where the Lord is to be found, do not try to dodge the question. Give them the answer that rises up to your tongue from your heart. Direct them. He is here in the Prashanthi Nilyam



How fortunate we are to have Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba moving among us and showering his Love and Grace by giving us darshan, sparshan and sambhashan. But due to his 'maya' we are sometimes deluded to think that He is a human being like any one of us. But Swami Himself keeps warning is against committing such mistake. This phenomenon is not new. In the previous yugas also most of the people failed to recognise the Avatarhood of Rama and Krishna during their stay in the human form. In this Kaliyuga it is all the more difficult to distinguish the Avatar from the false gods who, with "outer signs of sainthood, the long gown, the beard, the rosaries, the matted hairs"" moving about India and abroad misleading the people. It is very difficult to demarcate clearly the manifestation of the Lord. It is therefore, Swami says, "I am announcing Myself, and Myself describing My Mission, the Task, the characteristics, the qualities which mark out the Avatar from the rest"

Moreover, it is impossible for man to understand the mystery of the Avatar unless He Himself reveals it to us. Baba, in His Divine Love, Compassions and Mercy fro us all, has been revealing from time to time His mystery and mission through His Miracles and His Divine Declarations made during His discourses, "If I don't tell you about Myself, who can? He speaks. He declares that His devotees can tell anyone in the world with full confidence and faith that "Lord is here is the Prashanthi Nilyam".

Mysterious are the ways of the Yuga Avatar Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba . He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. There is no work that He cannot do by just willing it. But he gets things done through us by making us His instruments to give us ananda.

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