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Information about 12 Jyothi Lingams located in India. 

This reveals the association of spirituality with the Indian culture from time immemorial. By the consecration of the 12 Jyothi lingams India has shown the Divine way for propagating the significance of the worship of Lord Shiva.

          The episode of Vaidyanathaa is very much fascinating. Lord Shiva gives one of the 12 Jyothi lingams to Ravana assuring Ravansís strong meditation for a boom. Shiva imposes a condition that if Ravana places the Jyothi lingam on the ground it world be rooted to the ground permanently. But Lord Shiva creates circumstances, which made the Jyothi lingam to be placed on the earth and Jyothi Lingam got rooted to the earth. Ravana gets disappointed and offered severe penance to Lord Shiva and cut off nine of His heads to sow his repentance before Shiva.

Shiva was moved by the repentance shown by Ravana and did the Divine operation of refixing the 9 severed heads to the body of Ravana. Shiva as acted as a doctor or a Vaidya hence this Jyothi lingam is called as Vadiyanath.

In Rameshwaram the Temple of Ramanathaswar is adored with one of the twelve Jyothi lingams. This Jyothi lingam was worshipped by Lord Rama during his return from Sri Lanka after killing the Ravana towards off the Sai of killing Ravana in the battle.

Hanuman brought linga from Kailash for the worship of Lord Rama. But hanuman was late in reaching Rameshwaram hence Sita Devi created a Shiva lingam out of the sands for the worship of Lord Rama. When hanuman arrived with lingam he cave to know what happened and felt very sad that Lord Rama could not the sacred lingam brought by Him from the Abode of Lord Shiva. Lord Rama pacified hanuman and christened the lingam as KASIVIWANATHAR. Devotees have to worship this linga, of KASIVIWANATHAR before worshipping Lord Rama or Ramanathar.

While consecrating the Sri Rama Pariwar statues before Sai Kulwant hall the day before the Sri Sai Padhugaa Pooja in the year 1999 our Bhagawan manifested a replica of the sacred lingam through His Divine hands for protecting the Ram Pariwars.

The Kothanada Rama Temple in Dhanushkodi is located on the very spot where vibshena sought refuge to Rama. At Nageshear Lord Shiva helps His staunch Devotees supriya and by killing the demon DARUGA and his wife Parvathi to same Supriya from tature.  Shiva gave Dharshan to all His Devotees as Nageshwara.

Hence the Jyothi lingam is known Nagaeshwara Jyothi lingam. This has two faces the lingam facing south and Gomiga, face last to satisfy the wish of a Devotee that the Lord exists in all directions. Bheema shankara is another Jyothi lingam village.


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