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SWAMI during his discourses calls the gathering with a word called “Divyaathmaswaroopalara”. What does this mean?  This means embodiments of Atma.  Each and everyone and everything are filled with the Atma. Atma is nothing but the Divine Light or Jyothi. The Atma is the spark from the ultimate supreme, which is filled in each one of us and makes us to function. This is where the concept of “Aham Brahmasmi” or ME and HIM are one, has come from. Let us see the main concept of the “Aura”, which is otherwise called as the Divine Light.


We all know SUN is the supreme light. It is the form of fire. Without the Sun the earth and creatures cannot exist.  Without the existence of the Sun everything is sunya or blank. Without the existence of the Sun everything will be dark. We cannot see anything without the help of Sun. That is the only reason our ancestors have worshiped Sun as the supreme God.


  The Atma is nothing but the divine light.That is why we praise GOD as “Jyothiswarupa”. Sun gets in power and energy from this divine light.  This Aura or the divine light is pervading everywhere in the universe and it is around each and everyone and everything. We are not able to see this divine light in the normal day-to-day life because our mind is filled with the ill thoughts like, Kama, kroda and lobha.   The person filled with the above tamo guna cannot able to realize this Aura. Let us take an example. There is room in our house, which is closed with wall on four sides and ceiling on the top. Also the windows and doors of the room are closed. Can the light be able to get into that room? Can we be able to see anything that is lying in that room in that darkness? Similarly, when our mind is also closed totally with the tamo guna, viz., Kama, krodha, lobha etc., we cannot see the all-pervading Aura.


Then what is the way to see this Aura? What do we achieve by seeing this Aura? We must start practicing Love towards everyone and everything.By loving our fellow person, we love ourselves. We should forget about the body or the nature of that person or any living being for that matter. Irrespective of whoever it is we should love them wholeheartedly and without any pre-conditions. SWAMI is again teaching this with the words “LOVE ALL”. When our mind is filled with love then there will be no place for the ill-thoughts such as kama, krodha and lobha.When our mind is filled with love, our mind becomes blank which is otherwise called sunya or null. This stage allows the doors and windows of our mind open to everyone.Once the doors and windows are open the light will flow inside in abundance. At this stage we can see every other living being or person as Atma Swaroopa and not as an individual. Once we start seeing every person as Atma Swaroopa, we can see this AURA emanating from everyone and everything, we sink into total bliss. This cannot be explained and only can be experienced.


Each and everyone are the embodiments of Atma. We should not see a person as a person or a human being, but should see them as Atma.Once we start practicing this we can see this Aura flowing out from everyone and everything and the entire world will be filled with this Aura. The world will be bright and glowful for us. The bliss that we would experience out of it will be something great and that is the stage where we cross the ocean of life and merge with the Ultimate Supreme.


Our SWAMI is the Ultimate Supreme and he has come to this world to uplift us from the normal level to the divine level. His teachings are very simple. “LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL, HELP EVER, AND HURT NEVER.” Once we start practicing this in our daily life and surrender ourselves totally to our SWAMI, HE will make the path easy for us.He is a compassionate GOD. HIS form is LOVE. Whoever realizes their mistakes and surrender themselves to our SWAMI, HE will hold their hand to the path of realization and ultimately will help us to reach our goal viz., the merge with Ultimate Supreme.




Bharadhwaaj Ramaswamy


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