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Key to Happiness

Is there a way to quantify faith? What constitutes a successful dose of patience? Some endure a hardship for several years, yet call themselves fortunate. Some seem to have a short stint with time and profess to have waited patiently! Wisdom, whether through Bhakthi or Jnana should impart the ability to discriminate. Discrimination between things of transient nature and that are permanent should lead to detachment. Spirituality may not be about quantifiable material gains and losses that one accomplishes with the help of Sadguru. It may also not be about extending the benefits that are only perishable. On the other hand, it may be about a total personal transformation that should take place every minute, while at sleep or awake. The effort has to come from within oneself and the external factors may be the means to accomplish them.

On several occasions, Baba said out of love for His devotees - "What (whether good or bad) is ours, is with us, and what is anotherís is with him." - Ch. XLV, Shri Sai Satcharitra. Some of the simplest expressions of Baba seem to have the message of greatest importance. A moment of contemplation on such comments might have the most profound effects on what we perceive as pain or pleasure. By the above statement, Sadguru Sainath has endorsed the thought that our actions precede our fruits, the consequences. He also several times advised that one have to endure the consequences of his past Karma. Devotees also have seen how Sainath comes to their rescue if the faith is earnest and the patience is complete. The patience is complete if the faith is earnest. He is the helmsman and His boundless coffers are open.


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