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Swami's Always There

Swami's always there
 No matter how far we may roam
 Swami's always there
 Waiting for us
 Ready to meet and greet us
 And take us along the path
 Swami's always there
 We may turn our back on Swami --
 But Swami never turns his back on us
 Swami gently guides us
 With his loving hand
 Never forcing or pushing
 Waiting patiently for our return
 Swami's always there
 In bad times in good times
 Lighting the path
 Watching his children play
 Lifting us out of darkness
 Gradually moving us towards the light
 Swami's always there
 Accepting us for who we are
 Forgiving us for our mistakes
 Showing us the correct path
 Waiting Waiting Waiting
 For us to awake
 To the wondrous light of God
 Swami's always there


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