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The Times of India, Mumbai Edition (Page 2) Thursday, February 13, 2003 **

The importance of the human body
By Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba

Wealth, friends, property, and even wife, if lost, can be acquired again, but the human body is not like that; once it goes, it can never  be   got back, no matter now hard one may try.

Human life is most precious, highly sacred, beautiful and invaluable. It is, therefore, the prime duty of every individual to take the greatest possible care of the body. The body is an indispensable vehicle for experiences. Without it nothing can be done, not even a simple task. The human body is, therefore, more precious than worldly wealth and such other material acquisitions. Life must be sanctified by making proper use of the body and engaging it in sacred actions. Time gone will never come back. Once the Ganges merges in the ocean, you cannot get back even a drop of its sacred water. Likewise, once life ebbs out and the body is gone, it cannot be recovered.
The human body is also a clock marking time and the passage of life. It ticks away the seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, and years. Man knows that life is ticking away and yet he does not bother to enquire about the real purpose of life. No one can say when the clock will stop. It is, therefore, most essential to make proper use of life while it is still available. The body is the vehicle for the journey of life. If the vehicle is not properly maintained, then one must be prepared to face serious problems on the way.
The body has been gifted in order to serve others. You must firmly resolve not only to take care of yourself but also others. Unfortunately, man today does not know what service means. The essence of all the eighteen Puranas can be summarised in two short sentences: Help Ever. Hurt Never.
Though God has given the body for service, man does not seem to understand what help means, being ever immersed in selfishness. Every thought, every word and every action is driven by selfishness.
Man has become a puppet in the hands of selfishness and self-interest. How can a puppet ever be called independent? Selfishness must, therefore, be totally rejected and selflessness wholeheartedly embraced. Then alone would the real purpose of the human body and human life be realised.
You must make an effort to realise that the body is just an instrument given to you for a specific purpose, and must further understand that purpose. The body must be used only for performing good deeds. You must lead a virtuous life.
In the end, you must give up the body with good thoughts. Do not assume that the body has been given for enjoyment, comfort seeking, beautification, and useless pursuits of that nature.
Indulgence in pleasure seeking, comfort and luxury can be dangerous. God has not given this body for indulgence. Safeguard your body by all means and take full care of your health, but use your body solely to perform good actions.
Also reported by The Times of India - Hyderabad:


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