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Mantra - The Sai Way

The Mantra

Many years ago Kasturi was with Baba at Benares and was consumed by the desire to receive a Mantra from Swami. Having mentioned this to Baba, he bathed himself in the sacred waters of the Ganges and fasted all morning to receive it. But the morning hours passed. Noon came. But no Mantra! He confessed that by this time he shed tears of disappointment. Then horror of horrors, lunch time came, and he was seated right next to Swami. 'Kasturi, why aren't you eating?' Asked Baba, assuming innocence. 'The Mantra...' began the miserable Kasturi, swallowing a sob. 'What is the purpose of a Mantra?' Swami asked. 'To get closer to the Lord,' Kasturi replied.

Baba looked down at Kasturi's arm and then at His own. They were almost touching. 'Well,' He smiled in His divinely down-to-earth way, 'How much closer do you want to get?'

Source: [saidevotees_worldnet]


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